“How I turned a £500 betting bank into £7000 in 90 days using these 7 simple steps”


After 15 years I have found a racing system that WILL startle & transform your life – BIG TIME!

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I have to say…despite spending thousands on horse racing systems over the last 15 years I have to say the majority of them are complete load of rubbish if I`m honest and this is why, I have never published  any system unless it  have passed my rigorous testing and trials.

Now, I do get offered quite a few systems by people hoping that I will publish and sell their system for them through my company. In fact I have had eight or nine offered to me this year already – I tested them all as usual, but they really didn’t work as consistently or anywhere near as good as I was first told they would…Obviously I turned them all down!

I have tried and tested many systems over the last 15 years, and then just before Christmas in came another one for testing. Immediately I could see that this was in a different league to everything else I had tested before. My staff and I could not believe the results this system was producing right in front of our eyes! 

You know what it’s like when you`re on the point of giving up waiting for another profitable angle to beat the bookies after trying rubbish system after rubbish system….This was like that….then all of a sudden…in it came a brilliant, easy and most importantly PROFITABLE system that anyone could use to make regular profits….It’s a good job I don’t give up easy!!!

The racing system I’m talking about is one of ONLY a handful I would ever recommend to you. This system is the most genuine, easy and successful racing system I have ever come across. This system is Guaranteed to produce a vast profit for you, every year!...yes , you read correctly…every Year!

Now This is not a high risk system where you need balls of steel to keep going after another losing bet goes in and your betting bank is shrinking on a daily basis…..No….It is a regular income generator which will earn you at least £350+ every week you put it into action exactly as I tell you to! Honestly, it really is that good.


Let me make it clear….THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PUNTERS – HORSE RACING SYSTEM is not a high risk racing system where you could lose your betting bank in a short space of time like other systems I could mention. It is a mathematically sound plan which makes sure you will make a profit at least £11,000 every year!

You can of course use the system to win more than £11,000 if you wish; it’s entirely up to you. You can set up the system to win double, treble or even quadruple that amount every year, it’s up to you and how much you want to make annually.

What is even more remarkable about this system is that its takes minutes to select your horses daily online or from your newspaper! Everything is very easy to follow all you have to do is place your bets, which is another reason why I love this so much.

There are no hidden costs either. You pay once for this system and that’s it.You then have a guaranteed winning system that you can use for the rest of your life! It can’t stop winning!

How does it work? Well, the system is based around 7 simple steps, which literally takes you minutes to learn and put into action, and then produces guaranteed results. It works on UK horse racing all year round and is proven…tried and tested by myself!

Begrudgingly, I had to pay a large sum for this system in order to bring it to you and the ONLY reason I did this was because in my opinion and based on the other failed racing systems I have at my office, this is without doubt the best thing I have seen and you really must get yourself a copy and take a look at the sheer brilliance behind it.

You don’t need any knowledge of horse racing to put this remarkable system into action either, just follow the 7 simple and easy instructions in THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PUNTERS – HORSE RACING SYSTEM and watch the profits mount up for you over the coming weeks and months.

THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PUNTERS – HORSE RACING SYSTEM will make you a minimum of £11,000 Yearly Guaranteed….My proven rigorous testing see to that!


Q. Will I really win using this system? A. Yes, that’s guaranteed because the system is proven and tested by myself.

Q. Is it really that good? A. Well it’s one of ONLY a handful of racing systems I will put my money & name to. Most systems I’ve seen over the last 15 years have been utter rubbish compared to this devastating cash generating system I’ve got for you here.

Q. What happens if I don’t win at least £11,000 using this system? A. Once you`ve read the manual you will see that it’s impossible not to win every year…it just cannot happen.

By the way, I`m also going to throw in for you a FREE copy of :-

“The Money Magnifier Staking Plan”This is yours FREE if you act today.

Now, this staking plan is probably my favourite out of the many I have tested over the years and it’s simply brilliant. Again I had to pay quite a high price to bring you this system and staking plan, but when they work like these two do the cost is irrelevant.

Here is more about the remarkable staking plan I’ve got for you…



I have so much confidence in the world wide genius who produced this remarkable staking plan that I will stick my neck out straight away and say to you right now that you are “guaranteed to win money using the systems and staking plan together within the next 30 days or I’ll give you MORE than your money back!!”

Am I mad giving you a guarantee like this? No not really, because when I was first offered this staking plan I treated it like the rest I get offered and simply tested it to see if it worked.

Immediately during the testing the results were astonishing….You could see that straight away I double checked the results after the test period and I immediately purchased the staking plan without any further questions for the simple reason that it is so BLINDINGLY BRILLIANT & ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATING!

This EXCITING NEW staking plan – boosts your profits, week in week out, it never fails and increased the betting bank by 77% more than level stakes betting when I tested it!!

It’s very simple to follow and laid out in a manual in a nice easy STEP–by-STEP process. The staking plan is very PROFITABLE and COMPLETELY FOOL PROOF.As I said, it never failed to win during my tests and I awarded it a 10 out of 10 star rating!!

Now you’re probably thinking that there is no way you can beat the bookies all of the time like this….OH NO??....Just wait till you get your hands on this! – THE BOOKIES HAVE ABSOLUTLEY NO DEFENCE FROM THIS SYSTEM AND STAKING PLAN. It certainly knocked me for six when I first saw them in action together.

This system and staking plan, produced after years of research proved to be such a consistent winner that you can try it at my risk. If you can prove me wrong and that this is not a 100% CONSTANTLY WINNING SYSTEM that will beat the bookies EVERY YEAR WITHOUT FAIL, simply return it to me for an immediate refund…That’s how confident I am that this system will make you POTS of money OVER and OVER AGAIN!!

*** I`ll also give you an extra nice crisp £10 for your trouble! ***



This system is so advanced it continuously delivers wins on a scale way beyond all the rest of the crap out there, and this is why I have allowed my company to market this racing system.

Long-term results prove that this is a very welcome forecasting breakthrough – a true masterpiece. I can’t speak highly enough about it as you can probably tell. Once you have this remarkable system you`ll be able to locate money winning horses on a daily basis.

Because I already know a little about you from the materials I`ve sent you in the past, I know you will appreciate a remarkable system like this. The winners it produces really have to be seen to be believed.

***The System Covered here is a WEALTH CREATING MACHINE – ALL YEAR ROUND! ***

Using this system is also extremely simple.NO racing knowledge is needed and it will only take you around 3-6 minutes to throw up the days winning selections.

The system plus free staking plan I’ve just told you about are both WEALTH CREATING MACHINES that you can put to work for yourself at any time. Once you`ve treated yourself to these you will not need to buy any other racing system ever again! – You will already have the most powerful system and staking plan in the world and buying others would just be a waste of money. Buy these two now and you’ll be winning money next week.

THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PUNTERS – HORSE RACING SYSTEM and THE MONEY MAGNIFIER STAKING PLAN are only available to my previous clients and you can have your special low price copies of these two for the limited special offer price of only £269! You’ll win more than that back in profit over the next few days!

But please don’t mess about…Get your copy ordered today and I`ll also send you a horse that is being lined up for a massive gamble in the next few weeks (odds expected to be 16/1 +) only a few special people in the know have been told about this and I will let you in FREE of charge! My money is already down and I expect this to pay for my Winter villa break.

WARNING – Please don’t go around telling everyone that you are using the system and staking. Bookmakers don’t want punters making a profit from their shops or online, so use the old grey matter and keep quiet about it. Don’t tell friends either, because they could quite easily become very envious of your success and that could cause trouble. Keep the secrets to yourself and enjoy your money.


Try the system in the comfort of your home for as long as you like.If after you have tried the system and staking plan you can show me they cannot win at least £11,000 every year....send them back for a full refund and as a FURTHER BONUS.I will also send you an extra £10 for your trouble You make money whatver the outcome!!



PS. Oops! ….I nearly forgot to mention that I will be selling both the system and staking plan at the original agreed price of £949 shortly….Yes £949!….You are saving £680 when you buy them now at this special low offer price.

PPS. Don’t forget you also get the “16/1+ In the Know Gamble” thrown in FREE.

There is no "hard sell" the system is called:



monthly subscriptions.....NO extra costs....just a small one off payments get you a copy of the system.

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Let me show you how gambling can work for you.


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Paul Coleman

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